Everyday nothing

A podcast about nothing in particular. From culture to science to lifestyle, everything goes.

S01 E08

Learning at 2x

We've been learning since we were cave-dwellers, but learning itself has changed—sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. And that's what we discuss in this episode in the least condescending way we possibly can. Here's wishing more power to everyone setting off on new journeys of learning.

S01 E07

Food, science and influencers

The food industry is gaining more attention these days and things don’t seem to be too different from the fossil fuel or cigarette industries of yesteryear.

S01 E06

Globetrotting from our couch

We talk about traveling. Why do we love it? Is it a luxury? When can it become a bore? Are you a mountain man or a beach bum?

S01 E05

Childhood cartoons—Part II

The one where we sit down (again) to discuss even more cartoons from our childhood and discover topics like classism, religion and the general downward trend of cartoons after our own childhood. This episode follows Part I from last week.

S01 E04

Childhood cartoons—Part I

The one where we sit down to discuss cartoons from our childhood and discover that there were as many similarities as there were differences in the shows with which we grew up. Part II will follow.

S01 E03

Answering Proust’s questions

When he was 14, the French author Marcel Proust answered a bunch of questions that later sold for over 100,000 euros. Vanity Fair has asked celebrities these questions regularly for several years. But at last, the most important people to answer these questions are here: us.

S01 E02

Spherical chickens in a vacuum

We sit down to crack jokes for 30 minutes straight. Who in their right mind can say no to that? Jokes sourced from Psychology Today, Reddit, Bored Panda, The Readers’ Digest and The Guardian.

S01 E01

Purity control

In our pilot episode we sit down for a conversation on the death of ‘wokeness’, Derry girls, adolescence and more.