Last updated on Dec 13th 2022.

At Avidfolk we offer services of various natures as well as based on various needs and schedules. Our services are not based on common pricing bands. Broadly, below are listed all the services we offer at present.

Therapy and counselling

We offer therapy and counselling services through our RCI-licensed clinical psychologist. We adhere to both a strict client-confidentiality and responsible pricing based on individual client’s needs and that also adheres to purchasing power parity. We do not believe that every client should be charged the same amount without consideration for their specific needs. For this reason we do not offer a fixed price band.
Please get in touch with us if you have any questions on pricing. If you are seeking therapy, you can also set up an appointment with our therapist.

PWYW events

Some of our events are pro bono and we encourage wide participation from an audience without limits. In such cases we let our attendees choose what they want to pay depending on what they can afford and what value our event added to them.

We therefore do not have a fixed price band for our events.

Specialised events

Certain events that we conduct are catered for specific or highly specialised audience and the prices of such events are determined based on market rates from time to time, predicted attendance and mutual discussion with applicants. No fixed price band exists for such events either.

If at any point in the future Avidfolk commences activities based on fixed price bands, this page will be updated to reflect the same.