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Write Away 2022

Our signature annual virtual workshop

with Vaishnavi M. Kulkarni
Wed, 14 December 2022 at 2:00 pm GMT
This event is over, but others may be underway.
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Write Away 2022 is here! Join us for our signature annual virtual workshop where we get together, journal, reflect on the past year, mourn our losses and cherish our joys. Hit ‘Remind me’ above to block your calendar.

Write Away is a safe space where you can be you to the fullest. And this time, we’re keeping it open to everyone and encourage you to pay what you want, based on how much value our event added to you. Join us on Wednesday, 14 December 2022, at 7:30 pm IST for 90 soulful, reflective minutes.

Got questions? Send us a DM or e-mail us anytime. Let’s make this year’s #WriteAway2022 the most meaningful, memorable one yet.

Disclaimer: Write Away is not group therapy or a support group, nor is it an alternative to therapy in any form.

Registrations for this event are now closed.